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Do you feel overwhelmed in the kitchen?  Are you uninspired when it comes to making food for yourself or the people you love?  Are you spending a lot of money and time grocery shopping?  Do you find it easier to buy prepared food than spending time cooking yourself?


Everyone agrees that nothing beats a good homemade meal.  Not only are the flavours better, but you can control 100% of what goes into your food.  Homemade meals allow you to manage your ingredients as well as the amount of salt, sugar and fat that goes into your dishes.


So why write another food blog when there are hundreds, if not thousands out there?  Well, there are a few ways I can answer this question.


  1. I am a guy who studied Communications with a specialization in Advertising.  I worked in that industry for many years and would still come home after many hours of work to prepare food.  Sometimes just to relax and unwind, but mostly to feed myself.  As an avid foodie from a young age, I decided to go back to school and get a diploma in Culinary Arts and become a Chef.

  2. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, I have been sharing my dishes on social media for a long time using #onmytabletoday.  Since staring this, friends and family members from around the world have been asking me for the recipes, as the photos and lists of ingredients were not enough.  So I’ve decided that if I’m going to share my recipes with my loved ones, I might as well share them with the world.

  3. As the token family and friend Chef, I am always answering questions about how to cook certain things, timings, seasonings, presentation, and so on.  My loved ones are only a message or a click away, but I feel like a blog can help more people out there.  I guess this also comes from being a Culinary Instructor for many years.  I have a need to explain and simplify how to make food.  I feel that if people are not afraid to cook by mastering some basic kitchen skills, they will become more confident home cooks and their food will improve immensely.

  4. Lastly, over the last 14 years of doing my own grocery shopping, I have been perfecting a way in which I can go grocery shopping only once a month.  I may go back to pick up a couple of items like milk and bananas, but I really do the bulk of my purchases once a month.  Keep in mind that I only have one mouth to feed, so this system may not apply to everyone.  But by buying a few staples and keeping a few ingredients at home, you will be better prepared to make food on the fly.


And don’t worry, as a very visual guy who is a Chef, Culinary Producer & Instructor, Food Stylist, Recipe Developer, who is also into photography and the arts with a background in Communications and Marketing, I will do my best not only to make things easy to follow, but I will also add whatever I feel is necessary (e.g. photos, videos, diagrams, etc.) to make your life easier and to follow my recipes and procedures. 


I also want this blog to be as interactive as possible, so please make sure to send me your feedback and questions and I will do my best to take everything into consideration.  I am here for you!  I want #onmytabletoday to become the staple of what happens on your table every day!  Welcome and thanks for the follow!


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Abraham Wornovitzky

Chef, Culinary Producer & Instructor, Food Stylist, Recipe Developer, Food Blogger, Image Creator & Food Communicator

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